Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

New Source Medical, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) device, is used for patients that would benefit from wound management therapy via the application of negative pressure for removal of fluids and excess exudates, infectious material and tissue debris. This device aids in the healing of a patient’s wound at any stage, improving the overall care of your patients.

Recon 100

Key Features:

  • Unit Display – Large readable LCD screen with power-saving function. Slightly raised, soft control buttons for ease of operating. Visual and audible alarms with mute options. The display has indicators for Canister being full and low battery. Auto lock and panel lock functions. Intuitive, quick operator and distributor set-up.
  • Therapy Unit – Intermittent and continuous operation modes. Individual adjustable pressure settings to meet the needs of the individual patient. Low noise operation will not disturb the patient while in use. Safe, quick high-removal rate. The device is portable and lightweight with canister. Comes with a carry bag for portability and protection, which can be worn over the shoulder.
  • Collection Canister – Various sizes of canisters available, 300 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml
  • Battery – The device comes with a Lithium ion battery, the has up to 24 hours of operational time. Device can be fully charged in 4 hours.

Recon Mini-60

60-day, miniature portable negative pressure wound therapy unit designed to deliver extensive therapy for wound management. Battery Powered, user-friendly, whisper-quiet, and incredibly lightweight, means the patients can receive the care they need even on-the-go. The Recon Mini 60 offers intermittent and continuous operation modes, individually adjustable pressure settings, and a high fluid removal rate.

Key Features:

  • Unit Display – Intuitive and user friendly for quick, easy-to-learn operation. Lightweight and compact design for high portability.
  • Therapy Unit – Intermittent and continuous operation modes.
  • Collection Canister – The Recon Mini -60 Canister (150mL) is an ergonomically designed, Translucent, lightweight fluid and exudate collector. Two Layer filter system A sophisticated barrier is designed to avoid cross-contamination and odor. Reservoir container gel sachet Ensuring safe and hygienic fluid collection and disposal.
  • Battery – Up to 16 hours of battery operation time


500ml Canister & 150ml Canister

Key Features:

  • Functional Design – Ergonomically designed, translucent, and lightweight to collect fluid and exudate.
  • Large Capacity Suitable for patients in every stage of care, larger fluid capacity for cost efficiency.
  • Multi-Layer Filter System A sophisticated barrier has been designed to avoid cross-contamination and odor.
  • Reservoir Container Gel Sachet Ensuring safe and hygienic fluid collection and disposal.
  • High MVT Rate on Drape – Its Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate compliment the foam and other dressing components for an efficient effect.
  • Transparent Tube and Connector – Allowing quick and clear inspection for blockage. The lockable connectors can prevent leakage from the tubes.
  • Soft Demo Pad – Allowing the patient to use it safely and comfortably.
  • 400-600 Micron Pore Size – Providing efficient exudate flow rate and evenly delivering the negative pressure to the wound bed.

Small, Medium and Large Dressing Kits

Key Features:

  • Black foam Small (80x100x30mm), Medium (125x200x30mm), and Large (150x250x30mm)
  • Port Set
  • Drape 200 x 300 mm
  • Tupe clip

To learn more about New Source Medical Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Dressing Kits, contact NSM Customer Service at 800-859-5512 or complete the Contact Us form to connect with a NSM Sales Representative.