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Delta Force

The Delta Force is a powered alternating pressure mattress replacement system designed to treat pressure ulcers Stage I-IV. The unique I.P.S. Technology ensures maximum pressure relief and incredible results. The Delta Force is made of the highest quality materials, making ut durable and reliable for homecare, long-term care and acute environments.
  • PrimaTex zippered™ quilted nylon taffeta cover
  • Twenty 5 1/2" tall air cells
  • Integrated 2" convoluted foam base
  • Transport function locks air in system and ensures low interface pressures
  • Adjustable dial for customized patient weight settings

(Intelligent Pressure Sensing) Technology is what separates the Primatech line surfaces from other products available in today’s market. I.P.S. Technology allows the system to deflate to zero pressure in the deflated zone and allows for accurate pressure levels in the inflated zone by monitoring the air pressure every six seconds. This controlled movement of the air cells gives the benefit of alternating pressure without the extremely high peak pressures. The result is better patient comfort, lower interface pressures, and superior results.

Standard Features

Optional fast inflator inflates/deflates the mattress replacement in less that 2 minutes.

Removable air cells facilitate easy cleaning and replacement.

CPR quick release immediately deflates entire mattress system

Technical Information

Delta Force Control Unit

  • Reacts to patient movement and automatically readjusts air pressure
  • Whisper quiet operation (30db@1m)
  • Energency efficient: Uses less than half the needed power of a 25 watt light bulb

Delta Force Mattress Replacement

  • Air cells made of 70-denier medical grade nylon with polyurethane lamination
  • Mattress replacement rolls into its own carrying case for conveneince
  • 37" width helps reduce risk of entrapment
  • Recommended weight limit: 325 lbs.

Delta Force Mattress Cover:

  • Waterproof yet breathable (moisture vapor permeable)
  • Drastically reduces shear/friction
  • Specially treated with anti-bacterial/anti-miicrobial agents that resist mold and mildew
  • Loose fitting to conform to patient's body
  • Complies with Cal. Tech. Bulletin #117


The Delta Force provides true alternating pressure by deflating alternating zones to zero pressure


I.P.S. Technology enables the Delta Force to operate at much lower pressure ranges thank most traditional systems.