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Air Ranger

The Air Ranger Mattress System provides alternating pressure relief while stimulating peripheral circulation. The 20 individual air cells alternately inflate and deflate, on a 4-15 minute alternating cycle depending on patient need. This system is designed to provide reduction in tissue interface pressure during the entire cycle. The therapeutic support surface is additionally supplemented by integrated air side bolsters that run the length of the mattress and a raised air bolster in the torso section

Air Ranger

Air Cells

20 individual air cells that alternately inflate and deflate, alternation can vary from 4-15 minutes. Each cell has an inflated height of 5-1/4", allowing for greater immersion.

Water Resistant

The sealed medical grade shell allows the mattress to be water resistant while providing maximum infection control.


The Air Ranger has four 3" inflatable/deflatable raised bolsters to help keep patients centered and to provide additional support between mattress and siderail.

Low Air Loss

The Air Ranger provides patented Low Air Loss Microvent Technology® that provides a gentle flow of air directly to the patient through the top coverlet.

Flexibility, Convenience, Comfort

The bed frame straps allow the mattress to secure to any bed frame. Foam layer is positioned beneath the air cells for maximum support and comfort.

Air Ranger Control Unit and Display

The microprocessor controlled Air Ranger allows care-givers to accurately monitor the pressures in both the inflated and deflated air cells. Low pressure, the goal of all pressure relieving surfaces, is displayed in one area while the inflated pressure, to prevent bottoming-out, is displayed in another. The Low Air Loss feature can be activated in either alternating pressure or float mode to provide continuity of therapy. The easy-to-use system works by pressing the buttons for whatever therapy you need.

Air ranger controller

Our new CPR release is attached to the control unit. This position prevents it from interfering with bed rails or mattress bedding.

Air cells

Microprocessor controlled unit maximizes precision and reliability.


Provides both alternating pressure and air floation modes.


Max Inflate used for either patient transfer or patient proce-dures. Fowler Boost aids patients placed in an upright posi-tion. The Air Ranger has inflatable raised bolsters.

Digital Display

Displays amount of delivered pressure.
Displays user activated features.


Ability to lock-in settings to prevent unintended changes. On/Off Low Air Loss function, Adjustable AP, Float, Fowler pressure, and AP cycle time.


Intelligent Sensor Alarm alerts the caregiver when there is a leak in the mattress or kink in a hose.


The Air Ranger mattress:
Patented coverlet reduces shear and friction
Low coefficient of friction and #1 anti-shear surface
Permeable to vapor molecules (perspiration) yet impermeable to water Warranty: 1 year

The Air Ranger microprocessor-controlled Power Unit:
Contains LED back-lighting for continuous illumination
Portable, lightweight unit (11 lbs.) fits on any universal bed frame High-performance compressor with minimal power consumption Designed with new “quick release” CPR disconnect for fast mattress deflation that is controller-based instead of mattress based

Air Ranger

Microvent LAL, Raised Bolsters

The Air Ranger includes patented Low Air Loss Microvent Technology® and raised bolsters